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Follow a proven system to build strength, increase metabolism, and lose weight with just 3 workouts per week

Feel Stronger. Improve Your Health. Do Life Better. 

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This Membership will help you...

INCREASE CONDITIONING so that you can keep up with your kids on the playground without getting winded.

FOLLOW A PROVEN PROGRAM so that you boost your metabolism, get stronger every single month & make weight loss easier

GET STRONG so that you can lift your kid overhead without feeling any pain and look in the mirror at your defined muscles and think "wow I look amazing"

INCREASE ENERGY so that you can crush a long day at work and still have leftover natural energy without needing 3 cups of coffee to get through the day

Let us guess if this is YOU...

  • You're a busy parent and you have a million competing priorities so going to the gym with a long commute is just not possible for you to get your consistent workouts in

  • You know you need to strength train because you want to be healthy and strong for your kids but you just don't know where to start for a program that's proven that gets results

  • You've exercised before doing things like searching YouTube workouts or hitting the treadmill and elliptical at the gym but you're not seeing the changes that you want to in your body or energy levels

AMAZING! You're in the right place. You are exactly who we created this membership for. This membership will help you increase your metabolism, increase natural energy and get strong so you can feel incredible in your body and keep up with your kids.

Meet Your Coaches (a husband & wife & busy parents) Andy & Laura

Our Story...

After having our 2 kids, we struggled to find time to go to the gym and stay consistent with our own workouts even though we were working in the fitness and nutrition field. When the gyms shut down in March of 2020 we transitioned our group fitness classes online to continue to serve our clients with effective functional strength workouts 3x/week. Little did we know these workouts would have a massive impact on our own lives. Andy was able to rehabilitate from old gymnastics and lifting injuries and actually gain strength  form when he was lifting in the gym. Laura was able to rebuild her core and get her muscle definition back even after 2 kids and is even stronger than pre-pregnancy.  Best of all, we found consistency and no longer feel “stressed” about when we’ll get our workouts in.

Over 3 years and more than 500 workouts later we are still working out from home and are the strongest we’ve ever been, even though we’re getting older. We now look forward to working out with our Fit From Home family! You're next!

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How it Works:

You can start at whatever program suits your current fitness level so that you'll be confident in your fitness and strength before moving to a more advanced level. Progress as you're ready or jump ahead to the Fit From Home Workouts.


Whether you're new to strength training or just getting back into it after a hiatus, you can start with our Beginners Series to build your fundamentals, strength, and confidence. 

These 12 Progressive Follow Along workouts take you from “couch to confident”, and from “do I even have a core” to “my core is rock solid”! These full body workouts slowly progress in difficulty as you are also progressing in your fitness. With minimal equipment and from the comfort of your home you can establish your fundamentals and build your foundation with only 3 workouts per week.

In this series, you'll develop:

  • Proper Form & Posture
  • A base level of Strength, Endurance, Stamina
  • Core Activation & Strengthening
  • Excellent Exercise Technique & Execution
  • A LOVE for Fitness!


Once you have a foundation built, you will progress to the 12 Follow Along Intermediate workouts where you will refine what you learned in the Beginner Series. In this series, you'll learn new complex and compound movement, and slowly increase the intensity of your workouts! 

In this series, you'll:

  • Learn new, intermediate level exercises
  • Increase your Strength, Endurance, Stamina
  • Add in Mobility & Balance training
  • Implement higher level Core Strengthening exercises
  • Refine Exercise Technique & Execution


This is where you'll live after completing the Beginner/Intermediate Series OR start here if already have a fitness foundation. Our intermediate/advanced level LIVE and On Demand classes offer a wide range of modifications and progressions that will challenge you to the next level while rewarding you with amazing physical results. 

Live classes are:

  • Monday 5:30pm EST
  • Wednesday 5:30pm EST
  • Saturday 8:30am EST
  • Recordings sent immediately after
    LIVE classes to do on your own time

The key to seeing changes in your body, building muscle and losing fat is following a well-designed program. Find consistency and accountability with your workouts without having to go to the gym. 

No more wasting time searching for workouts. Every workout is new with a mix of strength, cardio, and core, using a variety of styles to keep it fresh, challenging and fun. 

If you think you can't get a great workout from home, you haven't tried FIT FROM HOME



You'll become a part of our FIT FROM HOME Community Chat where our members ask questions, share experiences, and receive accountability and support in your fitness journey.

We are Stronger Together .


You will get direct access to your coaches if you have specific technique and exercise questions! Send a video and get personalized feedback on form and technique. We can also help you work through common exercise related ailments so you can quickly get back to working out pain free. We are in your corner and want you to succeed.

Let's Get Started!


You don't have to experience a decline in how you feel starting in your 30's. This loss in function, strength, balance, coordination, and mobility is a direct result of our sedentary lifestyles.


After all, if you don't use LOSE IT!


Plus if weight loss is a goal of yours, every year after age 30 you're losing 3-5% of your lean mass. Your lean mass makes up a large part of your metabolism. As your metabolism slows, it becomes harder to lose weight.


Our well-designed programs incorporate all of the fundamentals of fitness and movement so you can...

  • Build Lean mass which not only looks good but also helps you lose weight
  • Play backyard soccer with your kids without pulling a hammy or rolling an ankle
  • Feel confident wearing your favorite jeans and zipping them up instead of hiding in leggings
  • Mulch your yard and still be able to get out of bed the next day
  • Carry your groceries and laundry without having to stop and rest after walking up the stairs




Hi I'm Andy Berger!

I have over 20 years of experience helping clients from all fitness levels lose weight, improve their quality of life and become the strongest version of themselves. I'm a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist w/ a B.S. in Exercise Science. I was a nationally competitive gymnast for 15 years and I brought my love of training and (my understanding of how the body works) my own personal rehab from injuries to help clients train functionally to prevent injury, increase mobility, and get stronger than they were 10 years ago. I also have specialized training in rehab techniques and use this knowledge to make a well-rounded, effective and safe exercise programs for my clients.

Hi, I'm Laura Berger!

I have over 10 years of experience as a Licensed and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist working in the Nutrition and Fitness field and have counseled 100's of clients in nutrition, using food and lifestyle change as medicine to lose weight and reverse chronic health issues. I have a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor's in Health Promotion and Fitness. I also have additional training in integrative and functional medicine and I use my skills and experience to help clients lose stubborn weight in addition to healing and managing gastrointestinal issues, diabetes, PCOS, menopause, autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression, and mood, and sleep issues.

We've seen the power of incorporating regular functional strength training and a consistent, nutrient dense whole food diet in our own lives and the lives of our clients, and you too can be healthier than you were in your 20's with our program.

Rachel H.

"I started with the Fit From Home series. I was skeptical of only 3x a week at first, that it would not make the difference that I was looking for over 12 weeks – I was so wrong!! The workouts that Andy prepares are so purposeful. Not only did I feel encouraged with the different modifications for all exercises, but encouraged to push myself each workout. They are challenging, but achievable. I also appreciate the focus on proactive movement exercises for injury prevention which is a focus during each workout.

Andy’s knowledge of the biomechanics of the body is pretty incredible!! I understand WHY I was doing each exercise and the benefit to my body. Over the past 12 weeks I have increased my weights, I am able to do more reps with weight bearing (like push-ups). I’ve noticed definition in my arms and legs particularly! I’m excited to continue with the strength training as I can see that is a critical component to the success of this program and my individual success long-term."


Betsy B.

"The workout progression was perfect for me.  I had not worked out in a long time and had a large learning curve.  Everything was at the right pace and modifications can be done for everything.  Andy does a great job of providing variety in the workouts and keeping everything fresh.  It is ok if you cannot do all the moves, just do what you can.  You are still doing the workout and that is what matters!  In the twelve weeks, you really will see yourself get stronger.  I have now shifted to heavier weights.  Those kinds of changes are proof that things are happening."

Annie S.

"In 6 months I’ve lost 20 pounds after not being able to lose weight as a busy mom with 2 young kids. I had tried for years to make this happen and it wasn’t until partnering with Andy and Laura that I’m seeing a breakthrough! I have avoided certain pieces of clothing for a long time and to be able to pull up my pants and buckle them without effort was a win I didn’t know I needed! I’ve been able to be in the moment chasing after and lifting my kids without being in pain or out of breath. After seeing my progress pictures I am shocked and in tears and am SO blown away. It’s been gradual but I am shocked at the changes from before I started Fit From Home; you guys were the missing piece! It’s like a switch went off in my body and momentum kicked in…it’s amazing what building muscle does for us!"

Get Fit with Only 3 days per week 

Our comprehensive full body workouts are always new and include mobility, strength, cardio, core & flexibility

Detailed Explanations of Form

We place an emphasis on form and take time to properly explain exercises so you stay injury free and are working the correct muscles

Modifications for ALL Levels

We demonstrates multiple modifications for each exercise. You can choose the modification that works best for you and progress as you are able

Workout LIVE or on Your Own Time

Stay accountable and motivated with our LIVE workouts or do the recording when it's convenient for you, up to 5 days after the LIVE

Minimal Equipment

We keep the equipment list small with a variety of dumbbells and bands and as the essentials. We include a list of recommended equipment when you sign up

Accountability with Coach & Community Support

Have questions on form, technique or modifications? Get custom feedback from your coaches and/or community of friends from all over the USA! 

Holly M.

"I really loved the Fit From Home series. I liked that it felt like a good workout by the end which can be hard to find with some home workouts. I love that Andy ensures we understand appropriate form. It was also really helpful to include mobility work, this is not something I had in other workouts"

Shelley C.

"I am LOVING the series. There is something incredibly freeing about devoting only 3 hours a week.  I'm not in this endless loop of feeling like I need to get the gym/shame about not getting a workout in.  And I workout early in the morning, so I throw my workout clothes on, grab some water, and then press play.  You guide me through what to do and I just do it.  It's awesome. I do feel so much stronger and fit!  It's been great."

Aubrie D.

"The work outs are actually fun! Impart to Andy and Laura's wittiness which is an added bonus, Andy comes up with unique ways to strength train. It always keeps me guessing and wanting to see what's next! My body feels so much stronger after just 12 weeks"



What If I can’t make it to the LIVE Workouts? 

We send out the recording after each workout which is available to do at your convenience (before work, lunchtime, between meetings, after the kids go to bed)

What if I can’t carve out time everyday to workout?

We understand you’re busy and so are we! That’s why our program will get you fit with just 3 workouts per week. We strategically design each workout to encompass strength, cardio, core, mobility, balance, flexibility.

What if I want to work out at the gym?

We have a lot of members who take us with them to the gym. Take a Phone or Tablet, find a small space and you’re good to go. We recommend using ear buds so you can hear. We send an equipment list before the workouts so you can grab what you need before the workout.

How much equipment do I need?

Minimal Equipment is required. We will send you a recommended equipment list with links upon purchase of the program. We use DB’s, bands, exercise ball and gliding disks. During the workout we give modification if you don’t have a piece of equipment.

Is this a good fit for me if I’m a beginner?

The Fit For Beginners program was designed specifically for you! It will take you from never working out to being confident in movement patterns, form, technique and your body! This program slowly progresses each workout as your body is getting stronger and adaptations are taking place. Believe it or not, within 1-2 months you’ll be doing intermediate-advanced level exercise!

What if I’m already an advanced exerciser?

If you’re confident in your fitness level and you have a strong base of fundamentals and form, we recommend jumping right into the Fit From Home LIVE and On-Demand workouts. These workouts can be modified for intermediate or progressed to the most advanced exerciser.

Why do I need to pay for a membership when I can get workouts on YouTube or do Instagram reels?

This is a great question and one that keeps many people from getting results. Following a well-designed, intentional program vs. doing random workouts is extremely important for seeing progress. In Fit From Home, every workout compliments the one before. For example, one workout on higher intensity and power movements, and the next on strength and core. One might focus on stability exercises, the next on mobility. We hear from our members, more than any other feedback, how much they have benefited from our progressive programming!

Can my kids be around when I workout?

A lot of our members have kids in their workout room with them. It’s great for kids to be a part of their parent’s fitness journey. We believe in leading by example. Our kids occasionally make an appearance too! And we keep the language clean!

What if I get bored easily?

We promise you won’t get bored with our workouts! Every workout is new, fresh, and exciting. We change exercises, workout styles and Andy always finds new variations! Our exercise bank is hundreds of exercises long! Plus, now you don’t have to waste time searching YouTube or thinking up your own exercises!

What if I need to cancel?

Cancel anytime for the next month! No Contracts! We just ask for 24-hour notice before next month’s payment.

What if I’m traveling?

Take Fit From Home with you! With the minimal equipment required and the accessibility of having it on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can take us to a hotel, a relative’s house or across the world! No excuses to miss your 3 workouts per week! 😊

This is the right fit for me! Sign me up!

Kristy E.

"I’ve always felt intimidated by strength training. It’s been something I’ve really wanted to do but just felt clueless as to where to start. I also really desired to do something that didn’t feel like I was just making something up, uncertain if I was doing moves correctly. I was hopeful of finding something that I could feel confident in and something that was easy to follow and well structured. This is exactly what Andy’s workouts do. 

I started my workouts with the Beginner series of the program. Initially, I felt like I’d be so far behind, that in order for me to see real results I needed to be much further along. I was wrong though. I am so thankful for the workouts Andy has created. Unlike so many workouts I have followed before, Andy takes the time to really focus on making sure you are getting the moves and posture correct. I’ve learned a lot about my body along the way in every workout. I also really appreciate the modifications especially at the start. There has never felt like any pressure to be at a certain place. The program is very “come as you are.” Every workout felt so good, even on those days when it was a challenge, I noticed my body getting stronger and more flexible."


Yes! I'm Ready to Get Fit From Home!